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Look to Your Expertise for Ways to Pivot During the Pandemic

By Sammy Bliss on Jun. 25 2020, 12:30 PM

“Normal” is on an indefinite hiatus.


That’s a reality many people and businesses have had to accept during the coronavirus pandemic. In some ways, we’ve all been forced to redefine the routines and processes that were so essential to our lives as recently as this winter.


But just because the world and the way we operate might look a little different, that doesn’t mean there’s a need to abandon everything familiar. While their services might not completely align with what the public needs right now, forward-thinking businesses must look for gaps that their expertise can fill to stay both useful and relevant during this time.

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3 Crucial Elements to Include in Your Event Management Strategy

By Adrian Si on May. 28 2020, 12:30 PM

Event management strategies align every aspect of your event toward its intended objectives. To begin crafting your own event management strategy, you must first define your campaign's primary goals.


Once you do that, you must also tie those targets in with your brand goals. This will allow your company to review insights and set key performance indicators that will show whether those goals have been met. You cannot move forward with the look and feel of the event — or even focus on the consumer experience — until these elements are in place.

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3 Ways to Use Social Media to Generate Post-Event Buzz

By Adrian Si on May. 14 2020, 11:49 AM

Event marketers need to reach new attendees now more than ever. According to an Eventbrite Pulse report, 64% of event professionals called it their biggest challenge.


One way to clear that engagement hurdle is through social media. Your ideal event attendees could be more open to connecting via their preferred social channels, though this approach does give way to a pair of questions: How do you know you’re reaching the right audience at the right time? And while social media is a useful tool, how does that translate into loyal and engaged customers?

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3 Ways Event Design Helps Tell Your Brand Story

By Eddie Poon on Apr. 30 2020, 11:45 AM

Event design isn’t just the way something looks. It’s the way those visual elements work together to convey a brand story that people want to learn more about.


An event isn’t just the hall or center that hosts it. Nor are events limited to the displays, booths, and workshops that compose them. Events are those things and so much more, all working in conjunction to convey something much more significant — a brand story.


Events help this narrative jump off the page or screen to resonate with attendees and build the sort of emotional connections that translate into conversions and loyalty. This story is at a company’s foundation, the proverbial “why” that every organization should have if it hopes to click with its target audience.

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Don't Take These 4 Event Planning Elements for Granted

By Adrian Si on Apr. 17 2020, 09:30 AM

Every event needs a plan before it can get off the ground. Organization and attention to detail will ensure that every facet of the event — from marketing to logistics to vendor management — is aligned and ready to go. Keeping track of those variables is quite an undertaking, but creating an event management strategy can keep everything in focus.

But where do you even begin? Start by identifying a primary objective that connects to your brand goals. After that, your job is to ensure that every step of your event planning ladders up to help you achieve those goals. Otherwise, you’ll never know what you need marketing to say, what role logistics will play, or what you need to tell vendors.

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