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How to Build Your Brand's Scent Marketing Strategy With a Little Help from Tech

By Adrian Si on Mar. 15 2024, 11:18 AM

Your brand has a tone, a personality, and maybe even a sound (think of the iPhone's "swoosh"). 

Now, all it needs is a smell. 

If the idea of a branded aroma seems offbeat, you're probably not familiar with the scent marketing niche. However, you can be sure that more companies will embrace the power of nose-friendly branding, especially as the martech and scent technology marketing industries grow.

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Using AR Experience Data to Elevate Future Event Strategies

By Adrian Si on Feb. 9 2024, 03:56 PM

Using AR Experience Data to Elevate Future Event Strategies

Augmented reality-powered event experiences not only create unforgettable events in real time but also generate valuable attendee data. This experiential marketing data from customer interactions with AR can be collated and analyzed to produce robust insights for future marketing and event strategies.

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Unlocking the Power of Partnerships in Marketing: Strategies for Effective Collaboration

By Adrian Si on Nov. 6 2023, 04:30 PM

Relationships are the cornerstone of successful business partnerships and, oftentimes, successful business outcomes. Promising projects can easily take a turn for the worse without a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

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Don't Take These 4 Event Planning Elements for Granted

By Adrian Si on Sep. 11 2023, 05:00 PM

[Article links updated. Originally published on April 17,2020.]

Every event needs a plan before it can get off the ground. Organization and attention to detail will ensure that every facet of the event — from marketing to logistics to vendor management — is aligned and ready to go. Keeping track of those variables is quite an undertaking, but creating an event management strategy can keep everything in focus.

But where do you even begin? Start by identifying a primary objective that connects to your brand goals. After that, your job is to ensure that every step of your event planning ladders up to help you achieve those goals. Otherwise, you’ll never know what you need marketing to say, what role logistics will play, or what you need to tell vendors.

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Leveraging Food and Beverage Trends in 2023 for Customer Success

By Adrian Si on Aug. 22 2023, 08:15 AM

The food and beverage industry is ever-evolving. It’s constantly adjusting to new consumer preferences and the market landscape. Recently, there has been a shift in focus as consumer-facing brands seek to connect with customers in smaller cities and towns. This shift presents a unique opportunity for the food and beverage industry to connect more deeply with its target audience. Let’s examine how food and beverage marketers can take advantage of current trends to better connect with local communities. 

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