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Extra Refreshers Sampling Tour

Project Overview

With the hefty goal of giving out over 2 million samples over the course of a 3-month tour, our clients at The Marketing Arm reached out to us to help bring this fun sampling tour to life.  Working side by side every step of the way, our clients provided a concept drawing that we adjusted, engineered and turned into reality.  Unlike most of our tours, this request was for design and build only, as the agency already had the tour logistics planned.

With many of the tour locations being in airports, train stations and other highly public venues, we had many rules and restrictions to navigate in terms of how these were designed and built. This included height/size restrictions, shipping concerns, fire ratings and engineering certificates, to name a few.  With a very tight timeframe before us, our skilled team of designers, engineers and fabricators went to work to create 2 large sampling displays and 2 mobile sampling carts, each enclosed in easy to maneuver travel crates. Once completed, the agency picked everything up and took them on the road!

Each main display featured 2 large monitors which ran custom Wrigley’s content and offered free samples to passers-by. The 2 mobile carts allowed Brand Ambassadors to walk around each venue offering free gum to anyone that wanted some.  After 3 months and multiple locations, our clients exceeded their goal of handing out over 2 million gum samples and the feedback we received on the display was nothing short of glowing!


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