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Cadillac and Kia

Floating Vehicles

Project Overview


Kia Classic, one of our favorite events of the year!  2017 would make this our 5th consecutive year returning to the Kia Classic.  As the first company to “float” a car over 30 years ago, ASV’s system has been utilized at golf courses all over the country, and we haven’t lost a car yet!

As the title sponsor, Kia offered a fleet of vehicles for us to display.  Our skilled production and diving team went to work installing a breathtaking floating vehicle display, a large oversized Kia Classic floating sign, the prize vehicle tournament display and a variety of prominent vehicle branding throughout the course.

The result was several eye-catching and unique vehicle displays that allowed golf fans to experience the brand in a no-pressure, influential way, while providing attendees with a series of amazing photo ops!



Cadillac Championship was a PGA tournament that was held each year in Doral, Florida which hosted top ranking players.  Our agency client turned to us to float 2-3 vehicles each year during the tournament.

ASV has floated vehicles on water hazards for over 30 years at various golfing events throughout the country.  Utilizing our floating vehicle platforms and specialized divers we level out the vehicles on the platforms and using a range finder, we position them to their precise location for TV coverage.

The result… breathtaking views of our client’s vehicles perfectly positioned for photo ops, not to mention a great conversation piece for all players and attendees.


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