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Elevating Event Experiences with NFC Marketing Technology

Feb. 12 2024, 11:28 AM

Touch and Go: Elevating Event Experiences With NFC Marketing Technology


Near-field communication marketing technology is revolutionizing experiential marketing, allowing guests to engage, learn, participate, and connect with brand offerings and other eventgoers. Experiential events are an excellent place for guests to network, grow their business, and, let’s be honest, have a good time! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how NFC technology enhances engagement and connection for attendees and how you can incorporate these tactics into your next activation.




Streamlining Registration Through NFC Technology 


In the form of a wearable, such as a bracelet, badge, or keychain, NFC technology can help with event management through contactless registration. Organizers can swiftly register newcomers, allowing for ease of entry and an enhanced overall experience.


Using NFC Technology for Tracking and Analytics 


NFC technology allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of event attendees. It can identify the number of attendees and their locations. If you know where attendees spend their time, you can tailor your messages more effectively. 


To help prevent theft, you can also use these tags to track items like displays and equipment during the transportation and logistics phase, either before or after an event, assuming you employ an inventory check-in and check-out process.


Increasing Engagement With Wearable Technology at Events 


With wearables, experiential events can be incredibly interactive. NFC technology can enable certain guests VIP access to specific areas or act as keys to open boxes, trunks, etc., as part of an activation. The opportunities are endless, so don’t be afraid to get creative. 


Tips for Implementing NFC Tech 


  1. Integrate mobile apps.


Considering that every attendee likely has a smartphone, take advantage of mobile apps for your events and conferences. Using their smartphones, guests can activate NFC tags at different locations to gain access to new places, receive educational information, or check in at kiosks to prove attendance or win awards. 


  1. Send out real-time updates.


Utilize mobile apps and wearables to send updates during and after events. Tell your guests when lines are short, notify them of hourly promotions, or send incentives. 


  1. Prioritize security.


It is natural for attendees and organizers to have safety concerns before their first NFC marketing event. The main concern might be that weak data privacy practices can lead to stolen personal information. 


To prevent data breaches, focus on maximizing the security of your wireless network. This can be achieved by using advanced cryptographic protocols to ensure a secure channel between the network and guests’ wearables. Using passive communication devices can also reduce the range and probability of eavesdropping. 


  1. Strategize with an experiential marketing company.


Planning to include NFC technology in your next event can be stressful. We can assist you in identifying your goals and devising a tech-driven strategy to achieve them. 


NFC Technology Is the Future of Successful Event Marketing


There is no denying that interactive, tech-infused tools are transforming the networking landscape. Due to how fascinating users find them, plus their speed, user-friendliness, and various applications, few people who experience an NFC event yearn for the “old ways.” 


As a result, event holders need to adopt these technologies to help their guests experience enhanced, immersive visits where they can forge meaningful connections with other attendees or service providers. Don’t hesitate to plan and present your first NFC event with bespoke technologies. Your company will appear more fun, cutting-edge, and memorable to your visitors — long after they return home.

Sammy Bliss

Written by Sammy Bliss

As Executive Director, Client Services, Sammy works with leadership on strategic client direction, new business development while ensuring that client projects are managed and implemented with the highest-level of accuracy that minimizes client distraction from their core mission. As a client liaison, Sammy brings a unique perspective to the experiential marketing industry. Originally an actor, he’s worked for over 10 years in live theatre, PR stunts for film & television, music festivals, mobile tours, sports sponsorships, concerts, technology activations, and producing big, outlandish concepts for movie and television studios. This experience ensures that client project challenges – from design and engineering to installation logistics – are met and resolved in an efficient, effective, and creative manner.