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Project Overview

Lexus returned to Aspen with one of their long-standing hotel partners, Blackberry Farm who were debuting their sister property, Blackberry Mountain. The objective was to showcase key features of both properties in the allotted 35’ x 50’ space.

The display consisted of two key buildings. The structures were recreated with skilled craftsmanship and vibrant graphics to highlight their key features. The barn boasted it’s very own faux wood burning fireplace along with a hay rail in the rafters. The Firetower showcased the beautiful view of the Smokey Mountains as if you were looking out the windows. 

The vehicle displayed was Lexus’ all-new UX outfitted as a utility sports vehicle complete with a bike rack. The photo op featuring a scene from both properties allowed guests to pose and take their picture for a fun memory.  Old-school lunch boxes stuffed with Blackberry Farm’s fried chicken mix was a fun take away so guests could remember this great partnership!


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