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Anheuser Busch

Project Overview

Anheuser Busch and their agency, Fusion Marketing, approached ASV to fabricate and maintain their flagship displays.   These were placed in 7 of their best performing retail stores across the country.   Throughout the year, we would change the branding to align with their seasonal best sellers. 

Creating a display for a retail environment requires additional considerations for fabrication due to its long term use and overall wear and tear.   Our fabrication included metal beams, laminated walls and shelving with recessed lighting.   To enhance the display, three digital monitors were built in, including a touch screen monitor which provided customers an interactive experience.

Once these units were deployed in stores across the country, our team used vinyl wraps to change out the branding for each season.   Additionally, we included new digital footage on all the screens relevant to the brand on display.  The stores with these displays saw increased sales for the Anheuser-Busch products featured each season. 


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