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Chase at US Open

Project Overview

Chase Bank wanted to celebrate the return of the US Open to New York City by connecting with tennis fans across all five boroughs. Their representatives at Creative Arts Agency (CAA) reached out to ASV to design, fabricate, and manage a two-week mobile tour consisting of a fully-customized branded activation trailer and remote kiosk displays.

The interior space of the activation trailer served as a giveaway area for US Open tennis-themed items. Brand ambassadors were positioned to encourage guests to partake in the interactive elements on either side of the trailer. On one side, we had a QR code that led guests to an Instagram overlay filter where they could pose as if they were about to serve a tennis ball at the US Open. A Chase/US Open hat would be superimposed on their heads, along with tennis balls raining down on them. The other side of the trailer featured a Serve Speed Calculator. This AR experience allowed fans to take hold of a racket and attempt to hit a (virtual) tennis ball at its peak to achieve the perfect serve. Once complete, fans would be able to compare their serve speed to the pros, and would be sent a GIF of themselves interacting with the experience as a media takeaway.

The second element of this tour were three 10’ x 10’ remote giveaway kiosks that were stationed in high traffic areas and tennis centers around the city. Select kiosks also had a PORTL hologram kit attached to them. As fans walked into frame, they would see themselves standing behind a podium that featured the actual Men’s and Women’s US Open trophies. Brand ambassadors hyped the newly-crowned champions (guests) up and encouraged them to strike their best victory pose for a takeaway photo.

Over the span of the two-week tournament, we directly reached thousands of individuals across New York City as they interacted with the mobile trailer and remote kiosks. On top of our primary impressions, we also reached countless people who saw our branded trailer driving across New York City and across the country back to Los Angeles. One constant throughout the entire tour was all of the individuals that came up to our activations proclaiming their love and devotion both to Chase Bank and to the US Open.


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