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Dish Team Summit


Project Overview

For their annual tradeshow targeting their global network of retailers, programmers and suppliers, DISH Network approached ASV once again to concept, design, build and execute a thematic environment for the brand’s premiere 44,100 square foot booth within the DISH Team Summit event. Highlighting nineteen (19) different internal departments and partnerships within a single 210’ x 210’ booth space, our design and execution needed to deliver a robust overarching theme combined with an individualist approach to support each department and partner’s unique business products and services.


ASV created DISH World, an impactful and alluring booth environment comprised of five (5) distinct landscapes to spark guests’ curiosity and encourage exploration of DISH’s unique brand offerings. Urban South and Urban North cityscapes, designed with captivating skylines of layered and dimensional high rise walk-in buildings and facades, gave guests the sense of stepping onto the streets of a bustling downtown business center. Inspired by the idea of a modern public space, the DISH Park delivered activation spaces using colorful vending carts, food truck cutouts, a pergola and basketball court. Located in the “countryside” of DISH World, DISH Ranch provided a rustic scene with a walk-in barn, farmhouse and general store, along with a campground activation area. And, lastly, the Suburban space delivered open floorplan walk-in homes with modern, upscale facades, a walk-in retail store and an open-frame canopy structure to provide guests with a hands-on experience on how DISH products and services are used in everyday tasks around the house.


In total, DISH World was comprised of 15 walk-in activation structures and 19 freestanding activation spaces using nearly 600 aluminum and wood frames to support the installation of just under 100 monitors. Showcasing over 20,000 linear feet of SEG fabric graphics, more than 3,900 linear feet of vinyl graphics, 22 hard panel graphic signs, multiple dimensional logos and over a hundred scenic décor elements, the 44,100 square foot activation space “wowed” the 2,500 global attendees and key stakeholders within DISH Network. And, with five (5) Team Summits under our belt, DISH is partnering with ASV once again for a 6th collaborative activation in the coming year!


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