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Don't Let a Tight Budget Stifle Your Digital Marketing Innovation

By Jenn Cringoli on Apr. 3 2020, 03:22 PM

Innovation has long been key for brands that want to keep their messages fresh. Precisely how that innovation looks, however, depends on a brand's unique goals.

Verizon wanted to draw consumers into its event space, which is why it partnered with Snapchat last year for an augmented reality treasure hunt. Whiskey distributor Glenfiddich aimed to wow its audience, which is why it developed a personalized, digital app-enhanced tasting. And to help its messaging cut through the clutter and competition, lifestyle brand Refinery29 designed its 29Rooms event as a way for brands to do just that.

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Why Logistics Is the Real MVP of Any Experiential Campaign

By Jenn Cringoli on Apr. 4 2019, 12:21 PM

When an experiential campaign soars, few people remember the logistics. Attendees focus on the event’s buzz, the overall atmosphere, and how the experience made them feel. They remember the vivid scenery and the engagement components.

Many marketers overlook the coordination necessary to pull such an experience together. Logistics — i.e., scheduling, staffing, and venue management — are the gears that help an activation come together. Clients aren’t likely to focus on them, but they play an important role in bringing programs to life.

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