Supporting the Covid-19 Efforts


As the Coronavirus pandemic rages on with no end in sight, we, like most, are faced with an entirely new playbook for life and are being challenged to get creative with our creativity. As such, ASV is shifting focus, first and foremost to ways we can be a part of the solution, by helping to support our community’s overwhelmed infrastructure, then to broadening our offerings to formats beyond the live event space.  With that in mind, we wanted to share some of the ways we are working to support our communities in this time of drastic change, and highlight a few examples of how we are adjusting what we do to fit within the “new normal.” After speaking with local government agencies, as well as national relief organizations on how we might help with temporary treatment centers as hospitals hit capacity and resources are stretched thin,  we generated some initial concept renderings of how we might provide treatment rooms, testing booths, waiting rooms, signage and medical storage rooms if and when hospitals hit capacity. 

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Portable and Reusable Frame Solutions


As hospitals overflow into backup facilities, we are ready at a moment's notice to create open or fully closed treatment rooms, storage rooms, intake/testing booths and/or waiting areas. 

Aluminum frames can be installed quickly and without tools, and the non-porous wall panels can be easily and quickly cleaned and disinfected as needed.  Rooms can also be closed with locking doors if needed, perfect for storing medical equipment, medicines and personal belongings.



Hand sanitizing stations can help to restore consumer confidence, while supporting brands, sponsors and events in getting back to doing what we all do best.



Intake/testing booths can help protect health care workers by creating a plexiglass barrier between them and patients, and multiple booths can easily be added depending on needs.

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Table top safety guards can help protect employees, and the public, by creating a barrier between them at stores, offices and other places where face to face interactions can not be avoided.


Stanchions can help with keeping people a safe distance from each other and separating those that may be sick from those that are not. 


Properly placed signage can help take some of the stress off of employees by providing important call-to-actions for the public.

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Whether it's washing hands, covering a cough or keeping distance, pull up banners are quick, easy and cost effective.


Take the guess work out of social distancing with clear, easy to apply floor decals that clearly illustrate what 6 feet apart looks like.


We have a wide array of easy to use printed backdrops to keep a professional look on video calls. They are printed in full color with the design of your choosing.


How Can We Help?

During this trying time, ASV is committed to doing what we can to help support our community, friends, clients and partners in any way we can.  So if there's something you need that will help to get you through this next several months, please don't hesitate to reach out.  While most of us are working from home, we are still open, still working, and safety procedures have been put into place at our warehouse and fabrication shop to ensure we can continue to make what you need in a safe manner.

Wishing you all the very best... stay healthy, use caution, be smart... we'll get through this together! 



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