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3 Ways to Use Social Media to Generate Post-Event Buzz

By Adrian Si on May. 14 2020, 11:49 AM

Event marketers need to reach new attendees now more than ever. According to an Eventbrite Pulse report, 64% of event professionals called it their biggest challenge.


One way to clear that engagement hurdle is through social media. Your ideal event attendees could be more open to connecting via their preferred social channels, though this approach does give way to a pair of questions: How do you know you’re reaching the right audience at the right time? And while social media is a useful tool, how does that translate into loyal and engaged customers?

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3 Ways Event Design Helps Tell Your Brand Story

By Eddie Poon on Apr. 30 2020, 11:45 AM

Event design isn’t just the way something looks. It’s the way those visual elements work together to convey a brand story that people want to learn more about.


An event isn’t just the hall or center that hosts it. Nor are events limited to the displays, booths, and workshops that compose them. Events are those things and so much more, all working in conjunction to convey something much more significant — a brand story.


Events help this narrative jump off the page or screen to resonate with attendees and build the sort of emotional connections that translate into conversions and loyalty. This story is at a company’s foundation, the proverbial “why” that every organization should have if it hopes to click with its target audience.

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Don't Take These 4 Event Planning Elements for Granted

By Adrian Si on Apr. 17 2020, 09:30 AM

Every event needs a plan before it can get off the ground. Organization and attention to detail will ensure that every facet of the event — from marketing to logistics to vendor management — is aligned and ready to go. Keeping track of those variables is quite an undertaking, but creating an event management strategy can keep everything in focus.

But where do you even begin? Start by identifying a primary objective that connects to your brand goals. After that, your job is to ensure that every step of your event planning ladders up to help you achieve those goals. Otherwise, you’ll never know what you need marketing to say, what role logistics will play, or what you need to tell vendors.

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Don't Let a Tight Budget Stifle Your Digital Marketing Innovation

By Jenn Cringoli on Apr. 3 2020, 03:22 PM

Innovation has long been key for brands that want to keep their messages fresh. Precisely how that innovation looks, however, depends on a brand's unique goals.

Verizon wanted to draw consumers into its event space, which is why it partnered with Snapchat last year for an augmented reality treasure hunt. Whiskey distributor Glenfiddich aimed to wow its audience, which is why it developed a personalized, digital app-enhanced tasting. And to help its messaging cut through the clutter and competition, lifestyle brand Refinery29 designed its 29Rooms event as a way for brands to do just that.

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Using Social Media for Event Engagement

By Adrian Si on Feb. 21 2020, 04:45 PM

Social media is at the center of our lives today. As such, brands use it to find more meaningful ways to stand out and connect with modern consumers. In the event space, that means finding ways to encourage the kind of organic social presence that resonates with a customer long after an event concludes.

Marketers know this, which is why brands host events at all. An Aventri/Little Bird Media joint study estimates that 96% of events use social media to spark their brand awareness. And yet, a Splash/Harvard Business Review joint report shows only 52% of events actually have repeated social media engagement throughout the day.

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